Fried Favorites, Hot and Cold Subs, Pizza, and More
Hilltop Superette

Choose fried favorites, hot and cold subs, pizza, and more at Hilltop Superette in Portland, Maine. Tickle your taste buds with a variety of yummy food. Order take-out hot dogs, wraps, and burgers. Give us a call at (207) 773-8000 or order online for your next take-out order.

Order a Variety of Sandwiches, House Specialties, Wraps, and Other Foods

Our neighborhood favorites include meatball hoagies and haddock sandwiches. We have a variety of house specialties, such as steak and cheese or falafel wraps, as well as quesadillas. Build a cold submarine or standard sandwich with your choice of meat, bread, cheese and veggies. Enjoy a small turkey on white with American cheese, tomato, and pickles. Try a large ham and Swiss on marble rye with lettuce, onion, and peppers. You can even make your sub or sandwich a wrap, with a spinach, wheat, or white tortilla.

Create Your Own Made-To-Order Pizza

Create a made-to-order 10-inch, 16-inch, or 22-inch pizza with any combination of our 19 toppings. Get a classic with pepperoni and mushrooms. Mix it up with a Hawaiian style ham and pineapple pie. Are you a meat lover? Enjoy a combination of hamburger, bacon, salami, and chicken. More of a veggie person? Top off your order with olives, tomatoes, broccoli, onions, and a variety of peppers.

Take-out Food Options from the Menu Include:

  • Breakfast Sandwich: $3.65
    with bacon or sausage: $4
  • Breakfast Burrito: $7.50
    – with bacon or sausage: $8
    – Loaded Burrito: $10
  • 16” Breakfast Pizza: $16
    – with bacon or sausage: $17
  • Hash Browns: Two for $2.50
  • Hilltop Burger: $9
  • Basic Grilled Cheese: $5
    Bacon Grilled Cheese: $7
  • Hilltop Italian on 12” sub roll: $12
  • Eggplant Parmigiana on 12” sub roll: $9
  • BLT: $8
  • Caesar Salad: $9
  • Hilltop Salad: $9

16” Cheese Pizzas: $15 – Pepperoni and Specialty Pies: $17 – Extra Toppings: $2.50
Toppings: Peppers, onions, garlic, fresh or roasted jalapeños, mushroom, vegan pesto, feta cheese, pepperoni, sausage, bacon

Choose from fried favorites,
hot and cold subs, pizza, burgers, and
more at Hilltop Superette.